The woman who escaped from castration


My friend wanted to castrate her female, but before I could see how she felt it, the vet took her to the casket and in front of the surgery, around noon, she jumped out of her car and ran away.

I watched her feel, and it came out to me that ... ... neglected, full of anxiety from the castration. He feels despair and hopelessness. She feels her mistress has betrayed her. She feels insecure because she does not believe her. She feels she's overwhelmed and is powerless. I sent her the energy of the drugs, and I told my friend to introduce her and apologized and told her she would not be castrated and anything she needed to say ...

I did not find the female even in the evening and so I looked again how she felt and came out to feel that she felt ... Disgusted and lonely. Provinced and power is lacking owner and home.

She tries to be strong even though she is already numb and disconnected ... I sent again the energy of the drugs ...

We both knew that they would come home that this story would have a happy ending. And before 22:00 my friend wrote that she had come home. The woman walked 10 km without going on foot and knowing the way.