Lost Caesar


On Tuesday night I read a book of world-famous Wynter Worsthorne Animal Communicator - Where's Biggles? A practical and spiritual guide to communicating with animals ... And in the morning, a friend told me that she had lost her dog on FB.

I joined him and I looked at emotional homeopathy why he had run away and how he felt ... I sent him the energy of drugs and wrote to her that she too would talk to him at a distance about the reason for his departure ...

All the time I had a strong feeling that she was somewhere outside the dormitory in the village where she lives but that she does not go home alone and needs someone to come for it ... I wrote it to her and that feeling returned to me all morning ... Around noon, I reminded her again if they were at the dorms ... And then she told me that they found him walking along the track next to the tracks :-)

I'm happy how it works