How do I work?

Dear animal lovers, would you like to see the cause of something that happens to your animals in your life?

Why are they behaving why they are ill ... See the context.

I offer you a look of emotional homeopathy, a story of emotions, a time when it came about and to whom.

When you see it, you can change it ...

How Does Homeopathy Work?

More and more people are thinking coherently. They know that when they are sick, it is not enough to treat just one physical symptom. Because even if it is gone, it is not the cause of the disease. Every disease is a signal of the body that our soul suffers. If we just treat the symptom, we find that our soul is looking for a different path to another signal and disease. "

Homeopathy is based on a similar to similar treatment. Homeopathic remedies are potent agents that in the natural state may cause symptoms in a healthy person. In this case, it paradoxically heals her. Homeopathy uses the healing power of the entire visible nature for its benefit. Starter materials from the mineral kingdom and from the world of plants and animals are used. Potentiation means that a sample is extracted from the starting product which, by further and subsequent dilutions, is disassembled so that it approaches the construction plan of the starting product and its vibrational pattern. Homeopathic do not focus on a certain symptom, but interfere with the whole being and its spiritual-mental-body structure in its entirety, and cause reconciliation in mental perception. They have no side effects and do not pose any stress on the body.

What's under the name "Emotional Homeopathy"?

"It is a unique, integrated system based on linking homeopathy with a kinesiological barometer of behavior using a kinesiological way of working with the client." The system is based on a combination of 64 emotional and 64 constitutional remedies, adding to the homeopathy the feel of the drugs and their interconnection. The kinesiological method of work allows to identify and temporarily assign any problem, and then homeopathy helps to clear the problem in its entire width and depth (even in the genetic code), even where kinesiology does not reach it, the system is simple and easy to grasp. It offers a wealth of combinations as well as life itself. "                   Ing. arch. Marta Kafková 

According to your pet's story, I'm going to get you homeopathic beads, which I'll hand over or send you by post.
I also want to help you find the connections between your life and the animal.
The cost of my work is $ 25 (20 Euro) including homeopathic. Or the possibility of exchange - a gift for a gift.
The advantage is that you do not need to be personally at this, I work remotely and can talk on the phone (I will call you) or email.I like to meet you personally, of course.Discretionality of course.

P.S. This method works just as well for people. We are also part of nature, Earth and one Consciousness. Stories of emotions.

"Depression, sadness, various traumas - the negative situation and the events that one experiences in life, can be" stacked ", layered, or creating unnatural tension in the body in the form of memories, which in the course of time leads to changes in behavior that can lead to physical symptoms or even illness.This is one of the areas where interspecific communication can be beneficial as it allows increased sharing of knowledge together with mutual understanding between humans and animals.Sincerely communicating about these issues can be a great help "An example may be the vet's diagnostic process, and specific behavioral or inconceivable problems can be more easily discovered, understood, and lead to an improvement in the balance and well-being of both humans and animals."                                                                                                 Wynter Worsthorne, Animal Communicator

An amazing story of emotions, an understanding of the animal and its transformation ...