Stories of emotions

Female, 7 years old. The name was given to the females who gave me 13 years of my life. The current female is like her clone. Size, color, nature and, in part, character and problems. Abnormal fixation on the owner, fear of sounds based on the shot. It can not be left alone for a long time even when it...

Sad dog


Hello, I turn to you with a request to help my fence. She is incredibly good and cuddly. We lived in a house with a large garden, but in about half a year, we broke up with a partner and moved to the minidome with the little yard. For almost half a year, she could not get used to it....

Racing horse


Gelding, 4 years old, who has been feeling a change of life since 2 years ...

Riding horse


Gelding, skin problems, "constantly squashed intestines", scared.

Trauma horses


Only 3 years old grasshopper, trauma, disappointed with life. Half a year in a friend's training at Ranch Mustang Loucna.

We all experience emotions. Especially those dark and unresolved emotions contain enormous amounts of energy. They watch our borders and self-consciousness, they show us how we really feel at the level of the body, not just the mind. Once we do not admit any emotions, we will suppress them, and we will not lose them, they will settle down in...

Animal death


My dog, Rottweiler Barunka died. On last Saturday she breathed the last breath. She was like my shadow for 12 years, she knew everything about me, the loving witness of my life. So much has passed and experienced me. I am grateful for everything, for the journey with her.

A woman who had problems with horses and a dog turned to me. At that time, she was going through a difficult period in a partnership when her husband had a relationship with another woman and did not know how to make a decision. And her animals gave her a picture of how it really is.

"The grasshopper had a severely impaired function of the liver and mainly head, foot and air sacs, lymph nodes and nostrils had swollen very strongly.The secondary problem was that because of swelling, the teeth had severely damaged the mucous membranes in the mouth. but there was no inflammatory process, which was carried out in about three...