Riding horse


Riding horse

Gelding, skin problems, "constantly squashed intestines", scared.

Story ... He feels scared. He feels overwhelmed. He must be still alert. She feels threatened, afraid that something may happen to her. She is afraid to do anything to keep her out of her. He has no place to escape, he has to suffer. They try not to interfere. She feels unwelcome. He's trying to adjust to survive, but he's angry.

He began to feel the nurse and then the rancher owner. Before it was bought by the new owner, it was a movie horse that had to stand and wait and for any extra motion was a bit ...

Ranch owner, 2 months after using homeopathic:

"Before he was always afraid of everything, to people and horses He did not know any order and mutual respect He did not respond, he froze He was tired, I was afraid I would be too bad when I wanted something and wondered nothing now he is relaxed, reassured, perceiving and respecting without fear, as if he has restored his trust in people that they are fair and he has found his place in the herd. "