I loved animals since I was little, and my favorite book was Alice from Planet Earth :-).
My grandmother used to take me walking in the woods. Animal were home for us. I recall how my parents talked about buying the dog they eventually bought. Then I spent my youth on horseback. We've been at the pens for days, we've had enough to be with them, clean them up, and we were happy.
I have dogs all my life, and in recent years I have seen the connection between my current female and my life. How he responds to changes, to me, how he helps me. I have lived on a farm for years, where I have seen the same connection with other species of animals. I felt their emotions and feelings.
I have a High School of Agriculture, for years I led the local Animal Protection League. I am interested in communication with animals, emotions, homeopathy ... Natural life from birth to death. And it all brought me to the emotional homeopathy with which I work.
Believe me, animals feel the same emotions as we do. You can also hear their speech. They tell you about diseases and behavior. Listen to them. Every living creature has the same right to a happy life as we do.

Mirka Zagozdová