Does your animal worry about something? 

Or does your animal bother you? 

Whether an illness or some problematic behavior - always there is always a reason.


Animals experience emotions just like humans.The unprocessed ones are also stored in the body, thereby altering their nature or illness.

I will interpret emotions into a story that will uncover the true nature of their behavior or illness. By understanding this you will be able to communicate with the animal.          Repeated understanding will deepen your relationship. 

I offer emotional homeopathy therapy for your animal.
The interpretation of their experiences and how homeopathy
can help and support your relationship.

"Animals are often trapped by their owners misgivings people's misgivings, partly because of their dependence of  their own deep need to serve and help their human friend: when an animal seeks to heal a human being or take on human misery and suffering it can become ill from devotion to their masters. "