How animals mirror our lives


A woman who had problems with horses and a dog turned to me. At that time, she was going through a difficult period in a partnership when her husband had a relationship with another woman and did not know how to make a decision. And her animals gave her a picture of how it really is.

In one of the horses, she felt she might need some psychic support and calm down overall and gain self-confidence and confidence ... But she needed it. At that moment he reflected her feelings of life in relation to the man.

She felt refused. She stepped back from her position, losing power. Still, she crawled hard and adjusted to him. She tried to refuse it. She felt non-free. She felt her own inadequacy. She went against her, did not want to, but did it and did not accept it. She lacked support. She let herself be manipulated. She wanted to be indispensable, but she only assumed his task.

The second horse showed her sensation toward a man ... Her anger, based on the feeling of unacceptability to the neighborhood and the failure to accept the situation she was in. She felt as if she were left alone. She was doing things for him, and because of the worry about him he was disgusted with his own joy. She felt deserted. The situation had no solution for her, it was hopeless. She wanted to be honest, but to keep herself safe, she suppressed her feelings.

And for the third time, for a complete picture, their dog reflected her husband's feelings ...

He felt attentive to her, as if the communication between them had disappeared. As if he felt something threatened, she, the woman he was addicted to. As if he was afraid to do anything to distract her. He felt unwelcome. Unwanted. Tired. Rejected. Solitary. He did it inside. He was wrong with criticism. He wanted to be indispensable, but he felt he was not good enough.

I do not know what relationship they had with the woman, but for some reason she found her. Because of what the new one gave him and she probably did not. And then she realized a lot of things and changed, and so he could not decide, because suddenly he was giving it what he wanted... Just feared that it would go wrong.

Animals just love us and help us.