Dog fixation on the owner


Female, 7 years old. The name was given to the females who gave me 13 years of my life. The current female is like her clone. Size, color, nature and, in part, character and problems. Abnormal fixation on the owner, fear of sounds based on the shot. It can not be left alone for a long time even when it is with a second dog that is seamless and used to. If he stays in the apartment, he destroys the interior. If he's out in the aviary, he gets out of the way that half of the village is alert, where the tortured dog is. Otherwise, it is a obedient, patient, nonconflict and loving soul. Can she help her? Please, give me an advice.


it turned out to me that Aida is acting for you because you did not deal with the death of the previous bitch.

You felt overwhelmed by her death. You did not recognize yourself. You felt helpless. You've stopped anything. You longed for her. You were dependent on her. You then felt like you failed. You tried to get your feet up again, but you were depressed.

She feels it. It was as if you were not with her, but in the thoughts of that former bitch. And she helps you not feel alone, so she does all the stuff. I'm going to get you homeopathic and give it to you. Your wounds will heal from her death and you will finally go on to see the current female as a personality, not the old clone, because she too longs to be loved like her, not like one's clone :-( And then she starts behaving differently: ))

Departure of close pains, but try to realize that 13 years is a long time and will be grateful for them.