Edema and liver failure of fjord grasshopper


"The grasshopper had a severely impaired function of the liver and mainly head, foot and air sacs, lymph nodes and nostrils had swollen very strongly.The secondary problem was that because of swelling, the teeth had severely damaged the mucous membranes in the mouth. but there was no inflammatory process, which was carried out in about three independent ways, so the probability of the inflammation is very low, which is unusual in connection with swelling, so none of the examinations revealed anything specific or serological.
When I looked at her, it came to me that her condition was based on these feelings:
Surprising. Grumpy and irritating. She feels that someone is preventing her from enjoying her life the way she would. Underneath, an effort is being made to conceal its own weakness. He feels bitter, he does not see the solution to the situation. Dropped, she feels somebody has taken her ... Silent. Full of unresolved conflicts and anger when the body does not last and puts it in the body. She was stuck in the past. She feels unloved. She no longer invests her feelings because she does not believe they will be returned. He's trying to find a way to get someone out. But love is missing there.
It came to me that this feeling started in her 11 years (I did not know how much she was) and it came about against a man in her vicinity who did not associate with her directly .. As if any other horse had the owner but wished for me...
It has come to my mind that, as it is deep in the body, it is not enough to send it to an ether, but it needs to be physically in the form of homeopathic drops.
I also said to her that it would be good to tell her it was gone that he was here today and that he was standing there. And let her know it too. That he is not one of many, but is unique to him.
The owner then told me her story, I do not remember the details anymore, but at that moment it fits nicely with what has been shown to me.
We started the treatment at the beginning of October, and today the owner wrote, "It looks really good, the head is normal, the swelling has gone down, and we have been serving the seeds for a longer time to improve liver function. we see improvement, and other subscriptions are now in the lab. "