Sad dog


Hello, I turn to you with a request to help my fence. She is incredibly good and cuddly. We lived in a house with a large garden, but in about half a year, we broke up with a partner and moved to the minidome with the little yard. For almost half a year, she could not get used to it. Even though I'm trying to do a lot of walks and activities, I'm still scared at home. Especially has a strange response to a man. She is distrustful to them. And either he's shuffling with them, or he does not want to cooperate with them and grows up. I suspect that I carry my sadness and fears to her because I also carry the move hard and I do not trust the men at all. I would like her to be cool, cheerful and self-confident. We are both very dependent on each other. I appreciate the fact that I have it.

I greet you and thank you for your trust. I see that you perceive very well the connection between Kuky and you, and you feel that Kuky helps you ... Not only to carry it, but also to see and heal you so that you could both go on to life.

I figured you felt lost after the split. You did not have a choice. As if you were living out of his property. You had the feeling that you did not get what you felt right for him. You had the feeling that you failed. You felt guilty that you were not powerful enough and you were punished for it, you punished. As if you were feeling unable to secure your own needs. You expect outside care and you feel like you are not worthy of it. You still feel betrayed. You are afraid of re-treason by a man and you are afraid to establish relationships. Trying to be courageous, but feeling confined to freedom, vulnerable. You are reserved to self-destructive.

Try to think about what you actually came up with. About love or a dream come true? And what are you actually afraid of ... that you will come in another relationship about man, love or background? As men were your "mere" means of life, as if it did not work, but at the same time you need them ... But not for love , rather to be secured, but without any further claims ...

Write me the address I will send homeopathic beads to help you compare it, get out of it and walk to cool. Understand that you can take care of your security yourself and that you do not need it, but you can also enjoy it ... And if you change it, your female will change with you.

Hello Mrs. Mirko, I want to thank you for the homeopathic. I do not even know when I felt as good as it is now. Suddenly, I was quieter and stressed out. As if somebody took off my strap and let go of the energy cock. Sometimes I feel sad that I'm alone, but I do not feel like it's a hopeless situation and it's not such an astonishing feeling. I think it's better with a female. As if we were a little disconnected from each other. I leave her peace and space at home, I do not notice it so much, and then she gets out and is happy. For me it is a huge shift now that I have energy again (last year I was dealing with fatigue syndrome, but the doctors did not help much) and I am able to manage my job without any problems both physically and mentally.