Animal death


My dog, Rottweiler Barunka died. On last Saturday she breathed the last breath. She was like my shadow for 12 years, she knew everything about me, the loving witness of my life. So much has passed and experienced me. I am grateful for everything, for the journey with her. 

Sometime in June, I suddenly knew her time was short. It felt deep inside me. After the eclipse of the moon now in August, suddenly I knew it was already here. Day after day it changed, it was hard to see how she breathed how she could not walk ... But I knew it wanted to be with us that she did not want to leave earlier, artificially. We enjoyed each day, were with her, even though she was already getting drops of pain. I perceived how she felt, talked to her, showed her how I loved her, how she was loved. I perceived the strength decreasing every day ... Last day, on Saturday it was hard, at one point I thought she was dying and I was afraid. And she stayed and then left when we had to go away for a while. She needed to get away. She could not do it to me. On the way, I knew that when we got back we would not be in the body anymore, before we left, so I knew it.

Then, in the evening, we had fun with the body, the mantras were playing and the fire burned, and we had given her the body at night to Earth.

I see the fragile gate of coming and going to this Earth. And it occurred to me that just as giving birth has its own time, death also has its time. When you plan it, if you do not let your soul choose your time, something is missing, something essential. My first thought was not to worry. I was afraid, but then I realized that it was my fear that I could not do it. But we did it. Thanks to the great support of my friend. Thanks to the time we've come to the end, I feel the peace of mind. Gratitude and surrender to life.

Our shared journey was completed and we enjoyed it. He will always have his place in the heart.

Thank you, Barunko, for everything.