Racing horse


Racing horse

Gelding, 4 years old, who has been feeling a change of life since 2 years ...

... Overwhelmed at all levels. He does not know what's going on with him, he does not know. He is in a state where he can do what he wants. He lives contrary to his needs. He is bloody. The world of rules and routines. Loss of your own will. He feels helpless. He is certain in advance that he will not be able to try. It is not in his power to change the circumstances. They try to participate in life, but they feel separate, disconnected. From life and from one another.

He is very sensitive and disconnected to survive this life, the world of racing, the routine, and the relationship with man. It's not built on it. He will do what he wants but a puppet.

I told the owner that if the racing is going to continue, I will not give him homeopathic because he would not have been able to get a glimpse. Closing is better for him at this time to survive at all. Treatment is worth it if it were sold and the new owner would have a different intention than racing. Some lower sports, one owner and rider. That's for him. Relationship, diversity.

The horse owner gave the granddaughter a sports parlor after consideration. I sent him a homeopath. Great choice.

I'm happy :-) More and more people realize that even animals are living, sentient beings, and that they are not our things we can treat as we wish, against their natural needs. There are racing horses who like running and winning, but even among horses there is a uniqueness as among people and origin is not a winner.