Trauma horses


Trauma horses

Only 3 years old grasshopper, trauma, disappointed with life. Half a year in a friend's training at Ranch Mustang Loucna.

Everything solves with an aggressive backlash, he does not want to have anything to do with a man, but he is looking hard for his friends too. As if something hurts her, the front hooves are not all right and lying on the right rear because the horse kicked her. Her mother was a wounded mare from the races, she was carrying a lot of her. She grew up only with her mom in the garden.

The story ... The bitch is about half a year old, against a woman. She was unduly affected by the dull, angry woman. She began to feel distrust, trying to avoid her. Ready to have anything with her. She felt threatened, she had to be constantly on guard. She had no place to escape. She had to suffer. She felt unintentionally. Hopelessness. She lost her background, a sense of security and security. He was angry with her. Full of sadness, depression. Angry, irritating. She feels she is not worthy to have what she needs. She gave up.

After 3 months after using homeopathic ...

Nurse: "I feel more confident about her because I was afraid of her and I kept her away from her now, and now I feel more calm and as if she is serenity or accepting what she is, she has found her place in the herd and happy. It's a complete turnaround against what it was before ... "

The ranch owner, horse coach, Tereza Frysarova: "The grasshopper is willing to people, it is not so closed, it is 50% better cooperation with her. When I was obsessed, I felt confident, I felt safe in the saddle.

Here it is beautiful to see how the animals carry their old wounds, and although the circumstances have long changed, they react from the old trauma until it is healed. And when he gets alive, with homeopaths, they can breathe out, and people and animals around them ...

Last but not least, treatment goes hand in hand with the approach of people around the animal. Tereza from the ranch uses an empathic training method. In the event that a grasshopper has a person who does not feel and does not solve the emotions of the animals, the condition would not so radically improve. If she ignored and did not perceive her feelings and behavior ...


Now the grasshopper cracked the abscess in the hoof. His emotional story is ...

She feels neglected. He feels he is not worthy of attention. She needs care. He feels hopeless. She is embarrassed, she does not know what to do, how to keep. She's afraid of the future. She feels refused, lonely. It chokes inside, it has a feeling of inadequacy. He tries, he wants to be needed, but he feels to be left alone.

Her mistrust has healed, and she now needs her, a relationship.