Aggression of females


The female invents all the dogs around.

He needs to be strengthened - sophisticated, enjoying peace and well-being.

She feels insensitive. Indifferent to the needs of others. It deals only with herself, without empathy for others. Emotionally injured. He does not see hope and longs for it. Loss of something in life does not see a solution. Endangered in life. It forces the performances beyond the limit of the load. Mumbles. She withers herself, breathes her anger.

It came to me that the female helped her with her owner, showing her a mirror. When we talked about it, we came to see that the feelings arose in her childhood when her dog died and Dad forbade her to mourn him ...

I sent the energy to both of them and told the owner to talk to the female, thank her and took it back so that the female did not have to live. I made questions to the owner so she could help and relax emotions with this situation.