Emotions of Cows - A Story of Milk and Meat


Buy beef or milk. How impersonal. Few people, or perhaps no one is thinking about how they actually originated. It's not just a thing, a product, but a story about a living animal that feels the same way we do.

And what are the stories?

Beef comes from bulls and cows that are in fattening (where it is mostly enclosed in halls) or from pastures where they live all their lives.

From the pasture to the animal carriage

She feels deserted. She feels afraid. Caught in trap. Feeling claustrophobia and impotence. Feeling at risk. Concerned. Hysteria.

At the slaughterhouse, waiting for death

Emotionally injured. Shocked. Hysteria. Unwilling to others, they concentrate only on their own misery. Overwhelmed at all levels. She does not know what's going on with her. She feels helpless. End.

How would we feel if we were going to do it?

Why should the animals feel different?

Do you know that the cow is taken off the calf immediately after birth? It is rarely left to lick her, dry it. Tele is usually placed in outdoor cabinets where he spends himself alone for some time. All for greater cow productivity, greater milk yield and higher profits.

How does a cow feel when they take a calf after delivery? Several times in my life ... :-(

Defeated about the calf, about her baby. Feeling misused. Hopelessness. Excited. Time stopped. Pessimistic and closed. Overwhelmed. He does not recognize himself. Dumbbell. Disappointed. Indescribable loss of joy.

And how does a calf feel alone in the booth?

Depression. Depressed. Feeling total loneliness and hopelessness. It is unacceptable and threatening, yet it can not do anything about it. He does not accept the situation. Scattered. Depression and depression.

Why should a cow feel different than any other mum?

Why should the calf feel different than any baby, the baby in the world