The horse in the shelter


 The horse who stays in the shelter for years, while others go to their new home in a few weeks ... Why does he himself block the departure from the shelter if there is anything that will not let him go?

She feels affected by a woman. He shuts it up and hides it. Loaded. More demands are placed on him than he is willing to kidnap, because he himself has enough. Feeling unacceptable for the neighborhood and not accepting the situation in which it is located. Disappointed. suppresses and shows no feelings. Cold.

It came to me that it was at the age of 23, so in a shelter, against a woman.

The horse lived with the master with whom he was dragging in the woods. The Lord drank and occasionally beat him, but it was his life, the way he was. At some level, they needed both of them.

And then the woman in the shelter made it clear that they were going to make it right for her to finally live ... His thoughts had been touched by him that he had never felt a life before, and now that he has value ... But he does not feel that way. Life before was what he was. It was his whole life.

I wanted, in addition to medication, that the horse told the woman that she respected his previous life and admired him for how she managed it from her point of view in those difficult times, perhaps even from the love of that man. And now that's just another stage in his life, and with a person waiting for him somewhere, he'll be well ...