Stories of emotions

There was a woman who came to the grasshopper, but she needed to keep her going. There was a beautiful story about how it could be put together for the good of all those involved. Contexts were slowly uncovered and folded like a mosaic.

Lost Caesar


On Tuesday night I read a book of world-famous Wynter Worsthorne Animal Communicator - Where's Biggles? A practical and spiritual guide to communicating with animals ... And in the morning, a friend told me that she had lost her dog on FB.

Buy beef or milk. How impersonal. Few people, or perhaps no one is thinking about how they actually originated. It's not just a thing, a product, but a story about a living animal that feels the same way we do.

In my practice, I very often encounter the fact that the animals help people carry their burden, out of love for them to do so to relieve them and not show up in illnesses ...

A cat in a shelter with a tremendous fear of aggression, it is not nearly approachable, he growls, heats.

The horse who stays in the shelter for years, while others go to their new home in a few weeks ... Why does he himself block the departure from the shelter if there is anything that will not let him go?

It originated after some sickness at 4 years old (flu?) When he felt numb, disconnected. He was in a state beyond the limit to endure the suffering of the illness. He was aiming at it, deserted. As if no one noticed it was so bad. He felt unacceptable within himself, trying to conceal grief, a feeling of abandonment. He perceived...

My friend wanted to castrate her female, but before I could see how she felt it, the vet took her to the casket and in front of the surgery, around noon, she jumped out of her car and ran away.